Today marks the end of Farm Safety Week (15-19th July 2019) – an initiative from The Farm Safety Foundation. This is such an important message and one that we believe needs sharing as wide as possible.

This week the charity have shared a new video “Mud, Sweat & Tears” which highlights some key personal stories from real life experiences. You can view the video by clicking here.

The award winning Farm Safety Foundation are keen to raise awareness of farm safety, and change attitudes to risk taking among farmers. Farming has the worst safety record of all occupations in the UK, and they want to change this. Their long term goal is to have “zero avoidable deaths on farms” and they have plans in place to make changes within the next generation of farmers.

They have four main areas they work in to achieve this:

  • Engagement – through attending various national shows and events, as well as producing campaigns such as Mind Your Head, Farm Safety Week and Who Would Fill Your Boots?
  • Education – by working with colleges to offer a half day “Introduction To Farm Safety” course, which has been attended by over 5000 students in the last few years
  • Communication – through the use of social media, sharing latest news and blogs
  • Research – they measure the success of various campaigns, with results from recent years showing that awareness of Farm Safety Week is on the rise.

According to the HSE Fatal Injuries in Agriculture, 29 farm workers in the UK lost their lives on farms in 2017/2018. We are keen to support The Farm Safety Foundation in any way we can to help reduce this figure. Farm Safety Week is a great opportunity to highlight this important issue, and spread the message.

They are always looking for new real life stories to add to their collection of farm safety issues. If you have a story to share you can do so by clicking here.

Please visit their website for any further information about the fantastic work the charity does.

farm safety week 2019