This month we are showcasing the large Single Calf Hutch with pen and feeding system from JFC. This fantastic product can help produce healthier calves with faster growth rates, higher weaning weights and healthier appearances. It also provides a more cost effective and versatile alternative to permanent buildings.

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Other benefits of the calf hutch include:

  • Reduced infections in calves
  • Lower veterinary and pharmaceutical costs
  • Lower calf mortality rates
  • Allows calves to receive individual attention
  • More effective feed monitoring

The hutch is lightweight and easy to handle and clean, as well as being fitted with a rear bedding door. It is also strong, durable and weather resistant, and features an adjustable roof vent for ventilation.

The calf hutch also has a number of alternative uses, making it a very versatile product.

For farmers who lamb outdoors, where it is sometimes necessary to isolate a ewe and her newborns, for example if they need extra care, the hutch is easy to assemble and could be used in the field. Also, if you have a number of orphan lambs but you don’t want to segregate them from the flock completely, they could be penned together inside the hutch. Another use would be if the animals are on a pasture that is very exposed to the elements, the hutch could be strawed up with the front hurdle removed and used as a field shelter later on too.

We currently have the JFC Calf Hutch CH110-C in stock priced at £650 + VAT. For any further information please call 01473 827060 or email