We've definitely been noticing the mornings have been getting colder, and if you haven't already stocked up on your winter essentials now is a great time to do so! If you haven't needed it yet, its definitely not going to be long until you find yourself needing to de-ice your vehicles and top them up with anti-freeze. 

We have a variety of products available now in-store to help you get prepared, including;

  • Standard Anti-Freeze, £14.95 + VAT (5L)
  • Long life Anti-Freeze, £18.45 + VAT (5L)
  • De-Icer, £1.95 + VAT
  • De-Icing Salt, £6.50 (25kg)
  • Concentrated Screen Wash, £5.50 + VAT (5L)
  • Rat Bait for general public use, starting from £25.00 + VAT

Ask us about the best options to suit your needs next time you are in-store, or if we are coming out to you for repairs or deliveries, then let us know if you would like anything to be added onto your order.